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Joint MEC TEI conference 2023

The conference theme invites us to think about the need to encode different cultural realms — not only written musical and literary cultures, but also oral cultures, the cultures of underrepresented communities, and even cultural practices beyond language and music, such as dance, theater, and film. In coming together to identify and discuss the commonalities and differences between our two coding communities, we aim to discover new methods and new approaches to encoding culture in all its forms.

September 4–8





Now running

Workshop 1 (Full Day)

Location: HNI, Room F0.231 <hni:note>

Integrating TEI and MEI Seipelt, Agnes / Herold, Kristin / Mo, Ran / Friedl, Dennis
Workshop 2 (Full Day)

Location: HNI, Room F1.110 <hni:measure>

Interactive music encoding with Verovio Pugin, Laurent / Hankinson, Andrew
Workshop 3 (Half Day)

Location: online <o:stage>

Pedagogical Approaches to Encoding Kijas, Anna / Duguid, Timothy / Grimmer, Jessica
Workshop 4 (Half Day)

Location: HNI, Room F0.231 <hni:note>

Thinking about collation Beshero-Bondar, Elisa Eileen / Viglianti, Raffaele / Cayless, Hugh / Roeder, Torsten
Workshop 5 (Full Day)

Location: HNI, Room F1.110 <hni:measure>

Publishing TEI and MEI with TEI Publisher Meier, Wolfgang / Turska, Magdalena / Windauer, Lars
Workshop 6 (Half Day)

Location: HNI, Room F0.530 <hni:performance>

Workshop 7 (Half Day)

Location: HNI, Room F0.530 <hni:performance>

Half-day tutorial: Music Encoding with mei-friend Weigl, David M. / Goebl, Werner / Plaksin, Anna / Münnich, Stefan / Saccomano, Mark
Workshop 8 (Half Day)

Location: online <o:stage>

MEI Basics Feustle, Maristella
Panel Session 1

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

Materiality in editions of 20th-century paperbound correspondence Bohl, Benjamin W. / Ried, Dennis / Dziurla, Patrick / Kehrer, Philipp / Bleier, Katharina / Franz, Jannik / Kollatz, Thomas
Panel Session 2

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

TEI Lex-0: Recent Developments and New Directions Tasovac, Toma / Bański, Piotr / Herold, Axel / Lehečka, Boris / Romary, Laurent / Salgado, Ana
Panel Session 3

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

Panel Session 6

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

Teaching Encoding In and Out of the Classroom Jakacki, Diane / Croxall, Brian / Jenstad, Janelle / Crompton, Constance / del rio Riande, Gimena / Nguê Um, Emmanuel / Cummings, James / Duguid, Timothy / Nagasaki, Kiyonori / Scholger, Martina / Viglianti, Raffaele
Panel Session 5

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

Networking Editions: TEI and the Semantic Web with TAG and RDF Chestnova, Elena / Kuczera, Andreas / Armbruster, Stefan / Landolt, Balduin
Panel Session 4

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

ODD ODDities: some problems with the ODD language unearthed by an attempt to write a processor Bauman, Syd / Bermúdez Sabel, Helena / Maus, David / Holmes, Martin
Data Connections (Short Papers)

Chair: Martina Scholger

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

An annotation model for software mentions and citations Alvares Freire, Fernanda / Ferger, Anne / Henny-Krahmer, Ulrike / Jettka, Daniel
Building Workflows for HTR to TEI Up-Conversion and Enhancement Cummings, James / Jakacki, Diane / Healey, Alexandra / Pirmann, Carrie / Johnson, Ian / Jeffrey, Evie / Flex, Valentina
Encoding Challenges (Short Papers)

Chair: Christine Siegert

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

Encoding the Global Humanities (Short Papers)

Chair: Gimena del Rio Riande

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

Using TEI for Chinese Architectural Data Miller, Tracy / Anderson, Clifford / Zhuge, Jing / Zuo, Lala / Campbell, Aurelia
Digitizing Buddhist Genealogy: Encoding the Shinran Shonin Montei Kyōmyo-chō Sato, Yoshihiro / Nagasaki, Kiyonori / Shimoda, Masahiro
Tools and Workflows (Short Papers)

Chair: Peter Stadler

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

A (cautionary) tale of two texts Thieberger, Nick / Turnbull, Robert / Russo-Batterham, Daniel / Lang, Birgit
The WizKit: A New Environment for Editing and Presenting MEI Metadata Gubsch, Clemens / Gulewycz, Paul / Provaznik, Peter
Encoding in human centered machine learning workflows: case study on mensural ligature recognition Rizo, David / Calvo-Zaragoza, Jorge / Martínez-Sevilla, Juan Carlos / Madueño, Antonio / García-Iasci, Patricia / Delgado-Sánchez, Teresa
TEI XPointer Schemes - Implementation and Example Application Lück, Christian / Hiepel, Ludger / Schnocks, Johannes
Data Strategies (Long Papers)

Chair: Sophia Dörner

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Travelling Humboldt—Data on the Move Dumont, Stefan / Kraft, Tobias / Seifert, Sabine / Thomas, Christian / Wierzoch, Jan
Selective Encoding: Reducing the Burden of Transcription for Digital Musicologists Saccomano, Mark / Rosendahl, Lisa / Lewis, David / Hankinson, Andrew / Kepper, Johannes / Page, Kevin / Shibata, Elisabete
FAIR Derived Data in TEI for Copyrighted Texts Calvo Tello, José / Du, Keli / Göbel, Mathias / Rißler-Pipka, Nanette
Text and Music / Music and Text (Long Papers)

Chair: Raff Viglianti

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

What Output for Complex Encodings? (Long Papers)

Chair: Joey Takeda

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Tools for Music Editions and Analysis (Long Papers)

Chair: Laurent Pugin

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Encoding Semantics and Entities (Long Papers)

Chair: Constance Crompton

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Beyond Common Western Music Notation (Long Papers)

Chair: Benjamin W. Bohl

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

“Ain schone kunstliche Underweisung”: Modelling German lute tablature in MEI de Valk, Reinier / Schöning, Kateryna / Weigl, David / Lewis, David / Crawford, Tim / Lewon, Marc / Overell, Paul
Towards Genetic Editions (Long Papers)

Chair: Anna Plaksin

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

Exploring the Genesis of Complex Music Manuscripts Kepper, Johannes / Sänger, Richard / Voigt, Jan-Peter
Bellini Digital Correspondence meets MEI Mazzagufo, Laura / Sichera, Pietro / Spampinato, Daria / Del Grosso, Angelo Mario
Encoding Strategies (Long Papers)

Chair: David M. Weigl

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Infrastructure (Long Papers)

Chair: James Cummings

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

Towards correspSearch v3.0 Dumont, Stefan / Grabsch, Sascha / Müller-Laackman, Jonas / Sander, Ruth / Sobkowski, Steven
Corpus Building (Long Papers)

Chair: Kiyonori Nagasaki

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Early Music and Renaissance (Long Papers)

Chair: Timothy Duguid

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

Visual or Symbolic? Best Practices for Encoding Neumes De Luca, Elsa / Behrendt, Inga / Fujinaga, Ichiro / Helsen, Kate / Morent, Stefan
Updates and Outcomes from the Guatemalan Digitization and Encoding Project Thomae, Martha E. / Cumming, Julie / Fujinaga, Ichiro
Encoding for the Stage (Long Papers)

Chair: Joshua Neumann

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

Poster Session

Chair: James Cummings

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

Transitional MerMEId – Responding to Community Needs in Software and Sustainability Bue, Margrethe / Gammert, Jonathan / Gubsch, Clemens / Jettka, Daniel / Kolb, Severin / Lewis, David / Neumann, Joshua / Richter, Matthias / Richts-Matthaei, Kristina / Stadler, Peter
Five Aspects of ViFE Albrecht-Hohmaier, Martin / Capelle, Irmlind / Herold, Kristin / Kepper, Johannes / Münzmay, Andreas / Obert, Salome / Richts-Matthaei, Kristina / Saccomano, Mark / Seipelt, Agnes / Stadler, Peter / Ried, Dennis
Mixing Modalities: Graphical and Text-Based Interaction in Music Notation Editing Nowakowski, Matthias / Berndt, Axel / Plaksin, Anna / Şahin, Nevin / Hadjakos, Aristotelis
PDB18 - The German Letter in the 18th Century Décultot, Elisabeth / Dumont, Stefan / Fischer, Katrin / Kampkaspar, Dario / Kittelmann, Jana / Sander, Ruth / Stäcker, Thomas
3D Text Encoding and TEI: Text, Editions, and Spatiality Ogawa, Jun / Nagasaki, Kiyonori / Kitamoto, Asanobu
Big (Work) Data: Making and Using MEI for Composers’ Digital Work Catalogues Gammert, Jonathan / Neumann, Joshua / Richts-Matthaei, Kristina
Digital Representation of 'A Match of Crickets in Ten Rounds of Verse and Image': Text Encoding and Viewer Implementation for Japanese Poetry Match Fujiwara, Shizuka / Nagasaki, Kiyonori / Ikuura, Hiroyuki / Morita, Teiko / Ikura, Yoichi / Matumoto, Ok / Yumie, Kato
Interoperability of Text and Image in the Digital Edition of the Wenceslas Bible Beutel-Thurow, Linda / Hintersteiner, Julia / Kern, Manfred / Sapov-Erlinger, Oleksii
Comparison of MusicXML export capabilities of different scorewriters Rettinghaus, Klaus / Bogdahn, Gerrit / Querfurth, Kaspar
Opening Keynote and Reception

Location: HNF

Closing Keynote

Location: Main Campus, Audimax

TEI Annual General Meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

MEI Community Meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

Water Skiing

Chair: Dennis Friedl

Location: Nesthauser See

Conference Dinner

Location: Gut Lippesee

Guided Tour to the Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum

Location: HNF

Guided Tour to the Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum

Location: HNF

Guided City Tours

Location: Townhall Paderborn

SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>

TEI Correspondence SIG Dumont, Stefan / Seifert, Sabine
SIG/IG meeting

Location: HNI, Room F0.231 <hni:note>

MEI Analysis IG Seipelt, Agnes / Moss, Fabian
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>

TEI for Linguists SIG Bański, Piotr / Haaf, Susanne
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 2.201 <campus:performance>

TEI Ontologies SIG Crompton, Constance / Tomasek, Kathryn
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 2.201 <campus:performance>

MEI Metadata and Cataloging IG Dörner, Sophia / Ried, Dennis
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

TEI Manuscripts SIG Schaßan, Torsten / Faghihi, Yasmin
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

TEI Graph Technologies SIG Armbruster, Stefan / Kuczera, Andreas / Neill, Iian
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

MEI Digital Pedagogy IG Grimmer, Jessica / Kijas, Anna
SIG/IG meeting

Location: Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>

TEI Text and Graphics SIG de la Iglesia, Martin / Walsh, John

We're resting: having coffee ☕, 🍩, or taking a nap 😴.

Safe travels!

We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did?!

Safe travels to everybody and hope to see you again at the next MEC or TEI conference!

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for the joint MEC TEI conference 2023.

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Things to do beyond the conference.

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Travel and accommodation information for the joint MEC TEI conference 2023.

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Information about the program of the joint MEC TEI conference 2023.

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Keynote Speakers

Opening keynote

Photo of Anna Kijas

Anna Kijas

Preserving Cultural Heritage through Digital Activism and Community

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Closing keynote

Photo of Till Grallert

Till Grallert

Mind the <gap/>s! Digital editing in a world in crisis

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    23:59 (UTC+1)
    Submission deadline
  • Jun 9th, 2023
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  • Feb 9th, 2024
    Full-length paper submission
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Latest News

23 December 2023
Book of Abstracts Published

We are happy to announce that a Book of Abstracts for the Joint MEC and TEI conference 2023 has been uploaded to Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/records/10427826. It also includes the conference program booklet. A copy has also been added to the Humanities Commons group where some participants have uploaded their abstracts and other materials.

Read more …
10 November 2023
CfP: Selected Papers from the 2023 Joint MEC-TEI Conference

As described in the conference Call for Proposals, the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative (jTEI) is issuing a call for papers from the conference. We encourage all authors of any type of presentation from the 2023 joint MEC and TEI conference to submit articles based on their presentations.

Read more …
25 October 2023
Student blog post following up on the joint MEC TEI conference 2023 (German)
Ein heißer Montagmittag. Ich stehe aufgeregt am Würzburger Hauptbahnhof und warte ungeduldig auf eine lange Zugfahrt. Heute beginnt meine Woche als Stipendiat bei der Joint TEI-MEC-Konferenz 2023 in Paderborn Read more …
18 October 2023
Posters and slides uploaded to Humanities Commons

Poster and paper presenters were invited to upload their presentation slides or poster PDF to the newly created Encoding Cultures 2023 Conference Group in Humanities Commons. Please browse along and have a look at the files and posts.

Read more …
21 August 2023
Registration deadline extended

We are happy to announce that we were able to extend the registration period until August 28th at 7am (UTC+2).

Read more …
7 July 2023
Travel grants available

We are very happy to be able to offer a total of eight travel grants to participants of the conference. While we tried to keep registration fees as low as possible, and even though Paderborn is a relatively affordable city, getting here may exceed the budget of early career researchers and others. For this purpose, we are happy that the Music Encoding Initiative (5) and NFDI4Culture (3) are sponsoring a total of eight travel grants, with up to 500€ of funding for each.

Read more …
26 June 2023
Registration opens

Registration for the joint conference “Encoding Cultures” has opened. Please register via Paderborn University’s Indico system.

Read more …
13 April 2023
Call for papers deadline extension

The deadline for submitting proposals to “Encoding Cultures” has been extended to April 30th 2023.

Read more …
15 March 2023
ConfTool registration open

We are pretty sure you are already working hard on your submissions?! At our end, we were setting up a ConfTool instance for your contributions to be uploaded for review.

Read more …
21 February 2023
Call for papers announced!

We are pleased to announce a call for papers, posters, panels, and workshops for “Encoding Cultures,” a joint conference of the annual Music Encoding Conference and Text Encoding Initiative Members’ Meeting.

Read more …

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