Metadata in the DFG Viewer for Musical Sources: Requirements for the exchange of meta and structural data in MEI format

Authors: Capelle, Irmlind / Richts-Matthaei, Kristina

Date: Thursday, 7 September 2023, 4:15pm to 5:45pm

Location: Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>


The DFG Viewer is a browser web service for displaying digitized material from decentralized library repositories. It previously had an OAI-PMH interface for exchanging meta and structural data in the METS/MODS and METS/TEI format. With the help of this data, the display of a digital record is enriched and, if necessary, supplemented with additional functions. Based on the MODS or TEI data, extended metadata up to detailed source descriptions can be displayed, while with the help of the METS data, access to the digital record is structured according to formal and/or content criteria.

In a two-year project, this offer was extended for musical sources, also enabling the integration of MEI or MusicXML files with the help of Verovio as well as the integration of audio files. In addition, the presentation of sources with bar-by-bar access and the parallel display of voices, among other things, were implemented.

To enable the exchange between research data and source presentation in the long term, some details have to be considered when mapping the metadata between METS/MODS and MEI, especially since the MODS format does not take FRBR into account.

The poster will present both the recommendations for metadata acquisition in MODS that have been developed for musical sources and their equivalent in MEI.

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