Conference venue

The conference takes place at two different areas in Paderborn, but free local transportation will be included for conference participants (see below). The pre-conference workshops on Monday and Tuesday, September 4 to 5, will be held at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of Paderborn University located in the North-West of the city.

The institute offers several seminar rooms where the workshops will be held (F0.225, F0.230, F0.231).

The opening keynote will be held at the Heinz Nixdorf Forum (HNF), next to the institute, on Tuesday evening September 5, 2023. The HNF is also the home of the Heinz Nixdorf computer museum. Visiting the museum will be possible on September 5 at 5:30 pm or September 8 at 4:45 pm – the guided tour will be in English.

The conference itself will be held at the main campus of the University in the South of Paderborn. The lecture halls and the seminar rooms for the (S)IG meetings are placed in the "L" building. These halls are close to each other.

All rooms at the conference venue are also accessible for participants with restricted mobility.

Due to the fact that the room numbers are not that memorable we thought of room tags which link to elements of the TEI and MEI.

Rooms at Heinz-Nixdorf -Institut
HNI, Room F0.231 <hni:note>
HNI, Room F0.225 <hni:measure>
HNI, Room F0.530 <hni:performance>
HNI, Room F0.550 <hni:egXML>
Rooms at "L" building
Main Campus, L 1 <campus:stage>
Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>
Main Campus, L 2.201 <campus:performance>
Main Campus, L 1.201 <campus:egXML>
Main Campus, L 1.202 <campus:note>

How to get to

    Bus stops:
  • Paderborn University, Building L: Line 68 "Uni/Schoene Aussicht" or Lines 4, 9, 58 "Uni/Suedring"
  • Heinz-Nixdorf Institute, Heinz-Nixdorf Museum: Line 11 "MuseumsForum"

Here you can find a route map with bus schedules. Please note that this is an external PDF.

Please note that there will be a separate shuttle service to the conference dinner at Gut Lippesee on September 6.


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Paderborn is a 1,200-year-old university and cathedral town located in the historical Duchy of Westphalia in northwestern Germany . To be fair, the Cathedral only dates from the 13th century, and today's university was founded in the early 1970s, yet Paderborn has been an important European cultural and political center since the year 776, when Charlemagne decided to build a palace and chapel at the springs of the Pader river.

Today, Paderborn is known as the home of German computer pioneer Heinz Nixdorf. A major supporter of the newly founded Paderborn University, Nixdorf also laid the foundation for the world's largest computer museum, the Heinz Nixdorf Forum (HNF). The museum takes a wide perspective on computing, starting with the invention of writing and numbers. Similarly, Paderborn University considers Digital Humanities to be a key research area, and was chosen to host the German Digital Humanities Conference in 2020 (DHd 2020). Given its long history in culture and technology, and its active support of DH research, we believe Paderborn to be an ideal venue for the Joint MEC and TEI Conference in 2023.

Town Hall Paderborn
Town Hall Paderborn | Copyright: Tourist Information Paderborn


In the heart of Paderborn there are 25 hotels, residential hotels, inns and guesthouses offering a total of approximately 1200 beds of all categories, from simple lodgings to first class accommodations. Other establishments that provide an additional 1700 beds can be found in the Paderborn region, at a distance of between 10 km and a maximum of 35 km from the city center.

For the conference we arranged some special rates with the following hotels:

Name Price Quota Code Word Available until
Aspethera 87 € 30 single rooms UNI04092023Zentum Musik 2023-08-22
Best Western Arosa 99–129 € 40 rooms MEI/TEI 2023-07-23
Hotel zur Mühle 110,50 € (breakfast included) 20 single rooms MEI/TEI 2023-08-15
Galerie Hotel 84–94 € 11 rooms 2023-08-15
Welcome Hotel 124 € (breakfast included) 20 rooms 2023-08-10

Child Care

During the conference childcare will be offered free of charge for the participants. If you would like to have your child/children looked after, please check the respective box on the registration form. The registration deadline is 8 weeks before the start of the conference. To register, we need your contact details, a telephone number for the local parent, the name and date of birth of your child/children and the required childcare period.



Paderborn has a regional airport (Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport – PAD) with regular connections to Munich (MUC). The airport is connected to the city with two bus lines (S60 and 461).

The closest international airport that can easily be reached by train is Düsseldorf (DUS).

Local Transportation

Together with our partner Padersprinter we will provide a free one-week pass for all buses within the city.

Weather and Climate

Paderborn has a temperate climate with warm, mild summers. As fall approaches in September, highs during the day are typically cooler, in the mid-60s, dropping to around 50 degrees at night. Paderborn has a fair amount of rain throughout the year, so expect a few showers during your visit. On average, there are about a dozen days of rain in September, though the total rainfall for the month is rather low.

So what to wear in September? Plan on layering your clothes and bring a rain jacket just in case. Some days it will be nice and warm, but it can also unexpectedly turn a bit chilly, so it is best to be prepared.