Local Organizers

The Virtual Research Group Edirom together with the Center for Music, Edition, Media of Paderborn University is delighted to hold a Joint MEC-TEI conference in 2023 at Paderborn University. We at Paderborn are enthusiastic members of both the TEI and the MEI communities and members of our research group served in both the MEI Board and TEI Council for several years.
Next to these personal ties we find a lot of overlap and similarities between the TEI and the MEI communities – from markup questions, the usage of ODD, to tools and services – so we thought it is a great opportunity to bring these people and issues together at Paderborn in 2023.

Martin Albrecht-Hohmaier
Hizkiel Mitiku Alemayehu
Tobias Bachmann
Nikolaos Beer
Katharina Bergmann
Benjamin Wolff Bohl
Irmlind Capelle
Susanne Cox
Anne Ferger
Dennis Friedl
Lena Frömmel
Vera Grund
Kristin Herold
Dunja Jeske
Daniel Jettka
Johannes Kepper
Elena Minetti
Ran Mo
Andreas Münzmay
Salome Obert
Kristina Richts-Matthaei
Dennis Ried
Daniel Röwenstrunk
Mark Saccomano
Agnes Seipelt
Peter Stadler
Richard Sänger
Joachim Veit
Jan-Peter Voigt
Anastasia Wawilow