Publishing TEI and MEI with TEI Publisher

Authors: Meier, Wolfgang / Turska, Magdalena / Windauer, Lars

Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2023, 9:15am to 5:45pm

Location: HNI, Room F1.110 <hni:measure>


The motivation behind TEI Publisher is to provide a tool which enables scholars and editors to publish their materials without becoming programmers. This full day workshop will demonstrate how to create a digital edition with MEI and TEI sources using TEI Publisher. TEI Publisher, now in continuous development for more than 7 years, is already used by a number of large and known edition projects as well as many smaller ones.

TEI Publisher is an open source community effort. At its core it implements the TEI Processing Model, which is part of the TEI standard, and defines in a descriptive, media-independent way how a TEI document should be rendered for publication.

However, online editions require more than just a text transformation: from navigation, pagination, search, facsimile display to handling of mathematical formulas or embedded music notation, and so on. TEI Publisher deals with those aspects, providing all the necessary lego-like building blocks for an online edition.

The workshop will start with a quick introduction to the TEI Processing Model, explaining the techniques needed for transforming a specific TEI document for display. It is recommended that attendants already familiarize themselves with the Processing Model, e.g. by reading through the online workshop available on GitHub.

We will work on a few correspondence examples, which also include musical notation encoded in MEI. Attendants will learn how to:

  • output components dedicated to properly display the music embedded within the text

  • change the overall layout via templates

  • customize the full text and facetted search

  • use the TEI Processing model to render additional metadata contained in the MEI.

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