<ܬܸ݂> for Non-Western Scripts

Authors: Lück, Christian

Date: Thursday, 7 September 2023, 2:15pm to 3:45pm

Location: Main Campus, L 2.202 <campus:measure>


Encoding right-to-left script in TEI-XML is a hassle unless one uses an editor that hides away the tags. The problem arises when element names in Latin script interrupt the right-to-left rendering on the editor screen by the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. (Davis et al. 2022) However, hiding the tags is not the only solution. With <altIdent> TEI offers a means for declaring alternative names for elements and attributes: names in another language and even in another script. Thus, we can have valid right-to-left-only TEI documents in XML version 1.1, which are readable and editable while tags are visible.

However, using <altIdent> quickly feels like introducing entropy to the schema. Therefore, the paper suggests not to translate, but to transliterate identifiers. Compared to translation, transliteration is a mechanical process. The coding effort is low. An implementation is at hand in the Unicode ICU library,1 and there is even an XPath binding for this library,2 so that transliteration is available in XSLT and XQuery. Thus, generating a full ODD with element and attribute aliases in Arabic, Syriac, Hebrew, etc. script becomes simple and fast.3 It can be pre-built so that the hurdle for encoding non-western script in TEI becomes much lower. The <ܬܸ݂> from the paper’s title is a <TEI> tag transliterated to Syriac script: <altIdent xml:lang='en_Syrc'>ܬܸ݂</altIdent>.

Transforming a TEI document with alternative names to its equivalent with names in Latin script is always possible through the mapping of identifiers and alternative identifiers deposited in the ODD. Direct re-transliteration of alternative names is only possible under certain preconditions.

The paper will first analyze the problem when bidirectional text is displayed on a screen. It will show how well-formed tags look in a right-to-left script. It will then introduce the transliteration of XML names in documents and ODDs. It will discuss challenges regarding attributes in the XML namespace, especially @xml:id.


Davis, Mark et al. (2022): Unicode Standard Annex #9: Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm Latest version: https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr9/; Version 15.0.0: https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr9/tr9-46.html

About the author

Christian Lück has a PhD in German literature studies. He also studied few semesters in physics and computer science. He currently works as a research software engineer at University of Münster, Germany.


  1. https://icu.unicode.org/home

  2. https://github.com/SCDH/icu-xpath-bindings, implemented by one of the authors of this paper. 

  3. First stylesheets for transliterating documents and ODDs are in the repository of this paper: https://github.com/lueck/tei2023

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